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A Globalist Cult controls the modern world and has entranced Western Civilization to suicide through mantras of democracy and liberalism. 

Investigative Research examining the Globalist Cult controlling the trajectory of humanity, focusing on ground level anarcho-communism/Leftism, its roots and rise up through Liberal politics, the death of true Conservativism, the reshaping of the American socio-cultural landscape, cancel culture, the role of corporations in governance and social conditioning, NGO's, independent financiers, lobbyists, Ritual Occultism, Occult Symbolism, Mass Ritualism, Child Trafficking and ritual torture, sex and drug trafficking industry, the (unelected) Deep State, the destructive Talmudic influence behind the aforementioned. In short, the Globalist Cult Syndicate and the multitude of institutions stifling humanity and how they all tie together in the takeover of Western Civilization.


I cover subjects that I understand may make people uneasy. However, they are sourced and taken from the proverbial 'horse's mouth'. Whether people want to know the ugly truth or not, it affects our lives. We have been set on a course and the timeline is moving faster than people have been able to keep up with thus far.

In an environment hostile to dissent where merely disagreeing evokes violence and draconian censorship, self-professed anarcho-communists and "Marxists" are burning down our cities and warring to reshape our culture. Leftist ground troops like Antifa and Black Lives Matter ("Black Antifa") have made communion with the mainstream media, Democrat politicians, corporations and every institution of society - As Above, So Below. As we move forward, we have seen that the "Left" hides their true intentions less and less as they incrementally gain power. Suffice to say, we cannot vote our way out of this calamity.

Nobody was ever coming to save you. That is a timeless myth borne of tyranny to fool capable individuals into abdicating their own personal power and agency to a false idea that was only ever designed to distort reality. It is up to decent, freedom loving individuals to come together to overcome this crafted thought environment so that we may fight to become free thinking individuals in order to save Western Civilization and secure the future of our children for at least another 100 years.

"Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times."

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Haaretz: "Nationalism for me but not for thee"

"You cannot talk about the biggest conspiracy in the banking world and not mention the words Jew, Zionist, or Israel. This Jewish (Zionist) conspiracy to destroy our society, strip it of its assets, and move it over to their new partners in China, that's what this is all about."
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